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Monday, March 26, 2012


hello there! I am excited to say that I am moving blogs! I will no longer be usung this blog, so jump on over to the new one - here

see you there! :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

determined to "give away"

hello! and happy monday! 
so, as you may have noticed, I am not the most avid social-networker. unless you want to play "draw something" with me...I will be all over that! seriously, this new addiction is unhealthy and a waste of time..but it is so fun! Anyways.. I am deciding to commit more time to my blog/twitter/facebook/whatever other form of social networking arrises in the near future- I will mark next week the start of weekly give-aways! I might give away shoots, prints, toys...more than likely all really really cool things. 

who doesn't love cool things?? especially when they are free! So, spread the word!

I hope everyone is having a lovely day, its still beautiful out! not as warm...but still can't wait to go for a run after I finish my quite lengthy to-do list. back to work! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

taylor girls : sneak peek

happy friday! 
okay, I have to admit, I am exhausted and just want to hibernate this weekend... which probably will kind of happen seeing as I have a SATURDAY off! surprise surprise! This week was nuts, I shot all last weekend, got on a flight at 6am monday morning for a shoot in Houston, TX... scout, eat, slee, eat, shoot, airport, and back on a plane to OC at 6pm, then on another shoot at 9 on Wednesday! craziness, I feel like I got 5 hours of sleep this week, as opposed to my usual/much needed and appreciate 8 a night. 
ok, my rant ends here. 

I am excited to show this next photo! It is one of my best friend's sister and her daughter (there is another, they are will see her soon in my full post). Not sure if I will get a full post up today, but I will try! for now, enjoy this...

have a great weekend! do something fun, its beautiful outside!

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